About me

Hi, I’m Choi Donghae.

I’m 21 years old and majoring Financial Managememt in this Hanyang University.

Last year I studied in Kyunghee University but I started study again and now finally I entered at this university.

Although I majoring in Financial Management, I’m not interested in Business or Finance since I haven’t studied about that fields.

Nowadays, I spend lots of time doing assignment and researching economic issue for my university club. But that’s so disgusting….

Actually I love football and movies. I almost spend my leisure time watching football game or movies. I’m small fan of Arsenal(4/16 is science, so I cannot be a big fan..) and hate FC Barcelona, so if there is one team which can feat FC Barcelona at UEFA Champions League, I’ll be a big fan of that team. Please….

I love watching movies. I don’t care when the movie is produced. I enjoy 1970~2016 movies. I saw lots of movies by famous movie directors. This photo is when I went to Stanley Kubrick exhibition at 1st, March.wp-1459067968373.jpeg


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